New land opportunity: 15 year crop licence backed by end-user

18th December 2020
Bio-energy crop specialist, Terravesta is seeking suitable land to supply dedicated biomass power stations.
  • Guaranteed, blue chip contract
  • Capital investment not essential
  • Attractive and contracted, RPI linked long term returns
  • Planting in spring 2022 and beyond
  • Exclusive Miscanthus Hybrid, Terravesta Athena™

If you have, or know someone with appropriate land yet to be drilled, uncertain about the future of UK farming and interested in:

  • Minimal interaction for maximum returns
  • Land that would benefit from regeneration of organic matter
  • Provides soil cover throughout the year
  • Increases biodiversity and improves habitats
  • Utilising your natural capital for a sustainable market, whilst storing carbon in the soil

Please contact: to discuss your options.

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