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Our chairman’s 2020 festive message

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As I write this from Tier 3 Lockdown Lincolnshire, who would have believed that after all of the drama of last year, it would be capped by something so much more dramatic this year! 2019, floods; 2020, plague; 2021, swarms? Well, let’s hope not, but who knows what lies in store? At Terravesta our collective […]

New land opportunity: 15 year crop licence backed by end-user

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Bio-energy crop specialist, Terravesta is seeking suitable land to supply dedicated biomass power stations. Guaranteed, blue chip contract Capital investment not essential Attractive and contracted, RPI linked long term returns Planting in spring 2022 and beyond Exclusive Miscanthus Hybrid, Terravesta Athena™ If you have, or know someone with appropriate land yet to be drilled, uncertain […]

Terravesta joins agri-tech hub

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Sustainable grass specialist announced as first member of Barclays Eagle Lab Farm in Lincoln A company that produces Miscanthus grasses to improve soil health and provide an alternative to fossil fuels has been named as the first member of a dedicated Agri-Tech hub. Terravesta, based at Barclay’s Eagle Lab Farm in Lincoln, is a specialist […]

Scaling-up of Miscanthus needed to meet net-zero targets

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Bioenergy crops such as Miscanthus play a key role in the first detailed roadmap for a fully decarbonised nation, in the sixth carbon budget from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), issued In December 2020. According to the report, polluting emissions in the UK must decrease by 78% by 2035, and energy crops and bio […]

Miscanthus key to Shropshire Farmer’s net zero ambitions

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North Shropshire farmer, Jim Mullock, has planted Terravesta AthenaTM Miscanthus to contribute to the farm’s net zero strategy. “When deciding to grow Miscanthus we were mindful of the ‘net zero’ ambitions of agriculture and the need for every farm business to take an honest look at its carbon footprint, so with the crops carbon sequestration […]

We are hiring: Operations Manager

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PLEASE NOTE THIS POSITION HAS NOW BEEN FILLED Job Title: Operations Manager Department: Terravesta Farming Ltd Responsible to: Alex Robinson – Operations Director Purpose of the Department: To implement and manage the establishment of Miscanthus crops from contract through to first harvest. Main Purpose of the Job: The business is based in Lincoln, and the […]

Ground-breaking study enables more efficient Miscanthus breeding

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An international research team has sequenced the full genome of Miscanthus in a project which will help to decipher the genetic basis for its desirable traits. The paper’s catchy title ‘Genome biology of the paleotetraploid perennial biomass crop Miscanthus’ may sound complex, but do not fear, we’ve quizzed Michael Squance our IT and science guru to […]

Optimising Miscanthus for a sustainable bioeconomy

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The growing global bioeconomy has an indispensable role in tackling the climate crisis, and key to delivering a low carbon economy is securing enough supply of sustainable raw materials and linking them with a near-industrial scale of various bio-based products and end-markets. Miscanthus is a perennial energy crop with a key role to play. Not […]

Join the Miscanthus revolution

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We’re going through radical changes in farming, and with BPS being phased out, the reality is that farm payments will be less than they are now. If you’re interested in future-proofing your farm business with Miscanthus, join us and plant a crop which will provide the following: Guaranteed long term income No annual cultivation Minimal […]

Miscanthus provides low maintenance game cover

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Miscanthus is being increasingly employed as a low maintenance solution for game cover in the UK, due to its perennial nature and its ability to thrive on marginal low-quality land. Estate manager and game keeper at Settrington Estate in Yorkshire, Michael Booth, planted four hectares of Miscanthus strips for his ‘semi-commercial’ 150-200 birds per day […]

Introducing our new plant breeding and seed production manager

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The demand for dedicated biomass and bioenergy crops is growing at a rapid rate. If net zero targets are to be met, we will need to increase the area of land devoted to bioenergy crops, and in order to upscale to this level of planting, we need rhizome and seed-based Miscanthus hybrids suited to different […]

Spotlight on science: Growing potential Miscanthus markets

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To deliver scalable, robust markets and uses for Miscanthus, they need to be extensively tested. Not only do these end-uses need to benefit the environment, they need to be economically feasible and benefit society as a whole. This is why we’re involved with GRACE which stands for “GRowing Advanced industrial Crops on marginal lands for […]

Farming for a sustainable future webinar with William Cracroft-Eley

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Miscanthus specialist, Terravesta, has launched a live webinar, to take place on Thursday 29 October at 18:00 to discuss the steps needed to build a sustainable future in farming. Agriculture has been widely positioned as a key part of the solution to the threat of global warming, and William Cracroft-Eley, Lincolnshire farmer and Terravesta chairman, […]

The benefits of Miscanthus

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Ben Booth at Terravesta manages crop establishment and outlines some key benefits to planting Miscanthus in his latest blog post… The top three considerations to highlight are: Miscanthus can thrive on marginal land and low-quality soils, with no irrigation required, reducing pressure over land use for crops and conflicts over food versus fuel production. Terravesta […]

‘Meet the Miscanthus Grower’ webinar launched

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Miscanthus specialist, Terravesta, has launched a live webinar, to take place on Thursday 8 October at 10:00 am for those interested in hearing from a Miscanthus grower directly. Lincolnshire grower and AHDB Monitor Farmer, Colin Chappell, manages 647 hectares of land along the River Ancholme in Brigg and grows 26ha of Miscanthus on his unproductive […]

Miscanthus: Long-term secure returns and reduced risk

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Farmers and landowners are urged to consider maximising returns and reducing risk with Miscanthus – a renewable energy crop with a rising market demand. Produced for an increased number of markets, including renewable power generation, livestock bedding, domestic fuels and many more, the crop thrives on unproductive farm land and guarantees returns on long-term contracts, […]

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