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The benefits of Miscanthus

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Ben Booth at Terravesta manages crop establishment and outlines some key benefits to planting Miscanthus in his latest blog post… The top three considerations to highlight are: Miscanthus can thrive on marginal land and low-quality soils, with no irrigation required, reducing pressure over land use for crops and conflicts over food versus fuel production. Terravesta […]

‘Meet the Miscanthus Grower’ webinar launched

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Miscanthus specialist, Terravesta, has launched a live webinar, to take place on Thursday 8 October at 10:00 am for those interested in hearing from a Miscanthus grower directly. Lincolnshire grower and AHDB Monitor Farmer, Colin Chappell, manages 647 hectares of land along the River Ancholme in Brigg and grows 26ha of Miscanthus on his unproductive […]

Miscanthus: Long-term secure returns and reduced risk

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Farmers and landowners are urged to consider maximising returns and reducing risk with Miscanthus – a renewable energy crop with a rising market demand. Produced for an increased number of markets, including renewable power generation, livestock bedding, domestic fuels and many more, the crop thrives on unproductive farm land and guarantees returns on long-term contracts, […]

Planting Miscanthus with Terravesta Live Webinar launched

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Miscanthus specialist, Terravesta, has launched a live webinar, to take place on 15 September at 10:00 am for those interested in future-proofing with Miscanthus. The event will explore the immediate and long-term benefits of planting the new performance hybrid, Terravesta AthenaTM, and will cover harvesting, returns, working with Terravesta on long-term, index-linked buy-back contracts and […]

Potential for Miscanthus to compete with maize for AD moves a step closer

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A UK study with a new Terravesta Miscanthus hybrid highlights the potential for Miscanthus to compete with maize as a feedstock for anaerobic digestion (AD). The paper published in July 2020, shows that the Miscanthus hybrid can produce a biogas yield, and while it can’t match maize yet, through traditional breeding, the non-structural carbohydrates, including […]

Growing a sustainable business: The move to Miscanthus, conservation and glamping

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Preserving natural capital and reducing agricultural impact on the environment is high priority for Norfolk farmer, Andrew Thornton, who has completely transformed his farm business in two years, from intensive cropping, including veg, maize and sugar beet, to Miscanthus growing, conservation and a glamping diversification enterprise. In 2018 Andrew reached a turning point when his […]

2021; Planting Miscanthus versus holding off to consider other ELM options

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Lincolnshire farmer and Terravesta chairman, William Cracroft-Eley, looks at why it’s worth considering planting Miscanthus, rather than holding off to wait for the Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme to arrive in 2024. “2021 is set to be the first year where UK agriculture policy will be managed outside the framework of the EU CAP. The […]

Have your say on including Miscanthus in the ELM scheme

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Benefit your farming enterprise and our shared growing community in helping to have Miscanthus included in the ELM scheme. Farmers and landowners have the opportunity to be involved in shaping new land use policy by attending Defra-hosted webinars taking place NEXT WEEK on: Tuesday, 28th July – 8:30-10:00 am Thursday, 30th July – 6:00-7:30 pm It’s […]

Join the Miscanthus revolution

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We’re going through radical changes in farming, and with BPS being phased out, the reality is that farm payments will be less than they are now. If you’re interested in future-proofing your farm business with Miscanthus, join us and plant a crop which will provide the following: Guaranteed long term income No annual cultivation Minimal […]

Water firm funds ground-breaking energy crop project in Cheshire

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United Utilities is partnering with Cheshire farmers to grow biomass crops in its groundwater safeguard zones as a way of reducing nitrates leaching into groundwater. The water firm is currently running a trial on 10 hectares of catchment land, but grants will be offered to any eligible farmer who is interested in growing a hybrid […]

Moldova increases energy self-sufficiency with British green technology

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Moldova will increase its energy security, employing British green technology with plans to upgrade 19 heat only boiler plants, which will run on home-grown Miscanthus biomass renewable fuel. The plants will generate 55000 MWh/year, providing thermal heat energy to 5500 flats, 110 houses, 40 businesses, 12 public kindergartens, 25 education facilities and 8 medical institutions. […]

Miscanthus in field

Miscanthus myth buster

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We’ve been inundated with questions about Miscanthus over the last few months! In response, we’ve put together some FAQ’s to bust the Miscanthus myths and help you to decide if it’s the right crop for your farm… 1. How long is the life cycle of Miscanthus? The crop has the potential to grow for 25-30 […]

Miscanthus delivers ecological benefits

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Rob Meadley, Brown and Co agri business consultant and East Yorkshire arable farmer, grows 12 hectares of Miscanthus on varying quality, outlying land which previously wasn’t delivering a viable return with arable crops. He believes Miscanthus is 100% the right crop for this land, and has not only met the budgeted return, but has introduced […]

Commercial and environmental benefits of Miscanthus outlined in new study

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Miscanthus is recommended by the Committee on Climate Change as a crop which helps to offset CO2 emissions, but how practical is it on British farms? A new research paper, led by Dr Anita Shepherd, research fellow at the University or Aberdeen, has studied farmers’ experiences of growing Miscanthus in the UK, to find out […]

Miscanthus is key part of farm risk management strategy

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Lincolnshire arable farmer, Andrew Lyle, has planted a further 12 hectares of Miscanthus this spring, adding to 41 hectares already planted on what he calls ‘lower gross margin land’. The Miscanthus cropping is part of a risk management strategy he has worked on with his advisor, Hamish Bichan, from Newark-based agricultural consultancy, Active Business Partnerships […]

Terravesta appoints ProCam as official agronomy service

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We’re please to announce that we have appointed ProCam as our official agronomy service, to support farmers with Miscanthus crop care throughout the UK. The rapidly growing demand for Miscanthus and target of 1,800 hectares of marginal land for 2021 planting alone, means that more widespread and regional support for the crop is needed. “ProCam’s […]

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