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Terravesta's Miscanthus Carbon Life Cycle

Industry First

The first dedicated, independent study into Miscanthus life cycles shows that the above ground biomass grows annually and recycles all the carbon that’s been produced through planting, harvesting and burning the crop for renewable electricity, and at the same time, the underground rhizome and decaying leaf litter fixes and stores net 0.64 tonnes of carbon (2.35 tonnes CO2e) per hectare, each year as it grows.

Miscanthus capable of carbon sequestration

Carbon Farming For Net Zero

Non-exploitative, anti-green-washing and independent, this Miscanthus Carbon Life Cycle study is crucial in driving the industrial, economic and societal changes needed to reach net zero by 2050.

“These carbon statistics are conservative, and in reality, the carbon sequestration potential may be higher, and it will change from site to site.” Jan Lask, University of Honenheim.

Terravesta Miscanthus Headline Numbers

Net Carbon Capture up to 2.35tCO2e/ha/year, equivalent to 0.64tC/ha/year (Lask J, University of Hohenheim, GRACE Project)

Crop Biomass carbon content 45-60%. (Based on 50%, 7tC/ha/year, equivalent to 26tCO2e/ha/year based on a yield of 14 ODT/ha). Based on multi study data.

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