Farmers turn to Miscanthus bedding as straw prices soar

By Alex Robinson 14th January 2018

Miscanthus is seeing a rise in demand due to the shortage and subsequent spiralling cost of cereal straw for animal bedding.

We have had reports of straw bedding sold in Scotland for over £150 per tonne, and there is a universally understood requirement for viable alternatives.

For this reason, and for the first time, Terravesta is offering sale of Miscanthus rhizome for own use, for on farm energy and bedding requirements.

Miscanthus is an effective and economic bedding material, its highly absorbent and offers farmers the opportunity to manage their own supply by growing the crop themselves, and not be held hostage by volatile cereal straw prices.

Miscanthus presents a sustainable solution by not only providing the opportunity to grow more area for the power stations Terravesta supplies, but by offering a long-term bedding source on farm.

Many farmers are already successfully using Miscanthus for bedding, in the place of wheat or barley straw, and it’s proving popular because it’s easy to manage, it’s a low input crop which takes care of itself, and it thrives on more challenging land.

While the current commercial variety Miscanthus giganteus is perfect for bedding, new varieties are being trialled which have thinner canes, are higher yielding, and can be harvested before Christmas – arguably better timing for stockmen.

Please get in touch if this is something you would like to find out more about, or book onto one of our farm walks to learn more about the crop.