Grown in the UK and burnt in the UK, Miscanthus is the country’s home-grown sustainable energy crop

guaranteed return for 20+ years

Sustainable, UK-Grown Fuel

With energy prices rocketing and carbon reduction targets looming, the pressure is on to find clean, plentiful and secure alternatives to fossil fuels. This is where home-grown biomass resources like Miscanthus play a crucial role. Unlike other weather-dependent renewables, such as wind turbines or solar collectors,

Miscanthus can be burned when needed - in the same way as oil, gas or coal. What's more, whilst we don't have great woodfuel resources in the UK, and much of our timber has to be imported, the scope for locally grown Miscanthus (at no detriment to food supply) is enormous.

The Grower Fuel Loop (GFL)

grower fuel loop

Terravesta's Grower Fuel Loop (GFL) scheme encourages UK farmers to grow their own fuel. Through the GFL, contracted growers can meet their own heat requirements (whether on-farm, domestic, or part of a commercial development) by burning the energy crop in pellet form. Providing a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to oil and solid fuel, GFL growers can buy back pellets as heat (from up to 50% of their planted area) from the day they plant.

These high-quality pellets can be burned on-site in a Miscanthus-friendly biomass boiler to generate 4,444kW/h of heat per tonne. Heat is supplied on a separate 10-year RPIX-linked energy supply contract - giving growers the unique benefit of secure fuel pricing for the next decade. GFL growers could also be eligible for ongoing payments under the government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Large-Scale Generation

The Bigger Picture

As a home-grown perennial energy crop, Miscanthus will be an important part of the UK's future sustainable energy mix. As national power providers demonstrate their commitment to cutting carbon emissions and building greater fuel security, large-scale power generation is still the main market for Miscanthus as fuel.

Because of this growing market and terravesta's ongoing contracts with major national generators (like long-term partner Drax), we are able to offer UK farmers the complete confidence of ten-year, index-linked Miscanthus growing and burning contracts. Get in touch today to find out what this could mean for your farm.

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